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Vasque Online Store: About Vasque

Vasque was founded by William D. Sweasy in 1965 and is widely known for manufacturing simple, technically innovative, and timeless footwear. They have always manufactured simple and technically innovative, timeless designs boots which are always loved by every age of customer.

They have a variety of boots such as Ascender, Directicema, Velocity, Blur, Aether Tech, Snow Junkie and much more, which are known for their unique comfort features. But every boot is intently designed and manufactured for climbing, hiking, and backpacking. Their skilled craftsman use theme based technologies which are based on the user's comfort and usage, for instance, they use equalizer for running or scrambling, to provide warming effect to the feet in hilly areas, CuShin to provide comfortable tongue to the shoe, stealth high friction rubber to provide firm grip on the slippery surface, Gore-Tex for durable waterproofing and breathable comfort and much more.

Vasque boots have set a benchmark in the designer footwear industry. Their cement construction provides immense flexibility. The ionic look and feel of the boots is crafted from the perfect blend of form and function that has been consistently attracting every age of enthusiasts and imitators to vasque brand. They altogether provide a new standard for mountaineering.

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