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Saucony Online Store: About Saucony

Complete and Compliment your running passion with exquisite collection of Saucony. The company offers a wide variety of footwear options for running, racing, camping, trailing, and walking.

Runners never get tired of their passion and always try to break their own milestone records to set a new one. This true spirit has deeply inspired Saucony to designer footwear, engineer, qualitative and competitive footwear. The footwear is made from peculiar cutting-edge technology. Generally, they are made for the targeted activities which strictly focus on the runner's foot statistics like, its size, type of running, how much bending and flexibility it require, and the area of tramping and running locations. There is also a tested range of shoes for specific athletics events.

The company's first factory was established in Pennsylvania, on the high banks of the Saucony in 1898. Then later, in late 1990s, due to the quality and fame of it, saucony became the dominant brand of Hyde, and officially renamed Hyde Athletic Industries. This ultimate footwear provides abundant comfort to the wearer.

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