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Kate Spade Online Store: About Kate Spade

There is only one name that comes in mind when a lady thinks of handbags; Kate Spade it is. A rather new brand, Kate Spade New York has made a name of itself in handbags and other fashion accessories for women. Crisp colors, graphics and urbane sophistication are hallmark of the designs by the maker who started the endeavor with fresh designs for handbags. Now brand has a wide line of fashion accessories for women across various categories other than handbags such as jewelry, eyeglasses, sunglasses, stationary, fashion footwear, fragrances, table tops, and bedding.

The styles by the brand are focused on urban working women and hence are quite appropriate for different occasions. They are created to suit different events that women attend throughout the weekend whether it is a common day at office, a corporate party, a dinner with colleagues, or outings on the weekends. The design features sleek, utilitarian shapes and color palettes assembled in an entirely new way and loved especially by working women. Currently, it has more than 80 retail shops and outlet stores in America and more than 100 internationally. Kate Spade offerings are sold in more than 400 high-end stores across the continents.

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