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Alife Online Store: About Alife   

Alife, a luxurious brand based on the city of New York is a fashion label of stylish sneakers, footwear, boots and apparels. The founders of the company Tony, Amaud, Kneefe and Rob draws continuous attention over its highly innovative and  

creative footwear which offer nothing but comfort and style.Due to its unique style and functionality, Alife shoes have gained immense popularity among young boys and girls that goes from classy to sport with different patterns, colors and style. The boots are made from one of the finest material with incredible strength and durability for ultimate cool and fashionable look. Their boots contain soft suede and cushioned footbed for impeccable comfort and cushioning effect. The iconic look and feel of the boots is derived from the perfect blend of form and function that has been consistently attracting every age of enthusiasts and imitators to this brand. Alife altogether provides a new standard for mountaineering and double boots that provides breathability. 

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