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Under Armor Online Store: About Under Armor

Under Armor is a leading American brand of sports clothing and accessories. Established in 1996 by Kevin Plank, Under Armor is a manufacturer of wide range of sportswear and casual wear with its focus on professional athletes.

As a leading casual-wear brand, it is famous for its sports t-shirts. They are highly popular among youngsters for their sporty appeal and style. There casual t-shirts are made from highly durable cotton that offers great looks and all-day comfort. Their t-shirts are trendy enough to compliment any style. The soft fabric gives natural feel and stretch fabrication enhances mobility. As they are made for sports purpose, they contain moisture absorption system to keep its wearer cool and fresh all day.

The purpose of Under Armor is to create and innovate better. Since its foundation, Under Armor with its increasing demand has gained the love and trust of its customers.Under Armor also received significant kudos among celebrities by designing t-shirts for films like Oliver Stone's 'Any Given Sunday' and 'The Replacements'. Under Armor has also made contributions towards XFL football league and also a television commercial with a motto of “Protect this house”.

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